Kids London January 06 2013

[Guest writer]

Is your child’s idea of a great kids’ London day out to go play shoot-em-up? If you’re OK with them playing with toy guns, oblige them.

Paintball and laser tag

There once was a time-a long time ago-when kids did other things besides play video games and terrorize their poor parents. These archaic forms of entertainment were called "sports" and they were the best ways for kids to have fun and get exercise at the same time. Competition is the name of the game with these pastimes but for some kids, the best sports include a toy gun.

A favorite place to play paintball for kids in London is Skirmish Paintball. Located in southeast London, this place has options for kids between the ages of 12 and 16. Their prices are reasonable and they feature one of the best outdoor paintball courses in the U.K.

Maybe your child’s idea of a kids’ London doesn’t involve dodging paintballs. If so, laser tag is a perfect alternative. Laser tag is a game where a group of kids face off against another group in an indoor arena, armed with light-sensitive guns and armour. There are several games they can play too. For example, in one game, a kid has unlimited “lives” and he has 15 minutes to take out as many of the other kids as he can. A great place for laser tag is Bunker 51. For £20, your child can run through an indoor labyrinth firing lasers at other kids for an hour and he’s issued equipment that would make the RAF jealous.

If you want to make your kids’ London experience one he’ll never forget, then you should take them to Skirmish Paintball or Bunker 51. Trust us, your status as a parent will go from “cool” to “super-cool” overnight!